Class 1977, born with a Commodore64, he started to learn programming on it during primary school using the Basic. That Commodore64 along with a lot of other vintage computers and gaming consoles fills for half his laboratory. With his wife founded an non-profit association about retro-technology (associazione64) and organizes showcases and school tours showing evolution of technology.

He started programming Microchip PIC microcontrollers in the early 2000 and in 2007 built a blog where he shared (and continues nowadays) his experience about this world collaborating also with electronics-focused companies.

Giovanni’s Blog: settorezero

Maker Faire Rome partecipations

  • 2014 - Remote Operatec Vehicle OR10n
  • 2016 - Small-scale smart-home project used from his daughter: Rita’s Dolls House
  • 2020 - Educational 3D-printed robot based on Arduino: AR.L.O. - now evolved in Arlok

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